Toni sa upp sin lägenhet för att bo i taktält! 🤯

Toni canceled his apartment to live in a roof tent! 🤯

The winter of 2020 was coming to an end & Toni was tired of city life & wanted to go out into the country!

But instead of buying a villa & getting a Volvo, Toni bought a jeep & a roof tent and moved into the tent full time.

At the beginning of March 2020, toni canceled his apartment in central Jönköping to move into his Jeep.

During the period March to November, Toni slept 197 nights in his roof tent & as far as we know, no one in Sweden has broken this record yet.

In the jeep, Toni had built a kitchen module, but a fixed stove, cooler bag & lots of storage boxes. 
Starting work at 07:00 and folding the roof tent an hour earlier was not always the most fun, states Toni. But the magical sunsets & beautiful forest roads offset the early & rainy morning twigs.

Throughout the period, Toni had blankets, pillows, blankets in the tent when it was packed. (yes, he washed)

2 years later we could NOT resist his expertise & we decided to hire him.
From never having seen a roof tent, to working with it full time feels fantastic, thinks Toni!

In the video below, you can see a glimpse of what an everyday life in Toni Johansson's life looked like when he lived in his roof tent.


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