Storleksguide Taktält

Size guide Roof tent

Here we try to help you find the right size of tent. We at Outdoordays don't think you should have a bigger tent than you need. 

We have two tents in the size 140cm, this means that you have a mattress size of 140x240cm. We recommend these tents to people who either sleep alone or are two adults. Also works with two adults and a small child or pet. 

We also have a stool that is 160cm and also in this case the mattress will be 160x240cm. In this size, you can comfortably fit two adults and have a little space to spare, in this size, it will also fit two adults and a slightly larger child. 

And in the last size we have 190cm and also in this case the mattress is 190x240cm. 

In this size, there is room for two adults and two medium-sized children, alternatively three adults and pets. 

Then it is the case with all sizes that this is of course up to the people who sleep in the tent. Over the years we've been running, we've had families with children of up to six people snuggle up in a Safari Pro L and this has worked for them.

It all depends on what preferences you have had before. We have also had several customers who sleep two adults in a Safari Pro M and they like the little extra space there is compared to a Safari Pro S.

Personally, I have owned a 140cm tent for all these years, where there was plenty of room for my partner and I and our 25kg dog.

Hope you find a tent that fits you in size!


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